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Termites-Why Termidor

Why Termidor

As your Termidor Certified Professional, Advanced Pest Control can provide you with the best defense against Termites. Call us at (256) 739-2687 to schedule a termite inspection. Below is some additional information on Termidor and why we chose to become Termidor Certified Professionals and why you should choose Termidor and Advanced Pest Control to protect your home or business.

Termidor is applied at very low rates. Typically, the active ingredient (fipronil) is just 0.06% of the solution, a concentration much lower than that of older liquids and less than most insecticides.

For an average home treatment, only about 8 ounces of the active ingredient is actually used. Keep in mind, too, that since 1995, fipronil has been used around the world for flea and tick control on household pets and on agricultural crops to protect food supplies. And Termidor has virtually no odor, which means you and your family won't notice a thing.

No better choice for termite defense.

Termidor is the only termite defense that combines a unique mode of action, a long residual, and the ability to manage colonies faster than a baiting system all in a low-dose, low-odor formulation that meets the stringent standards of the Food Quality Protection Act. There simply is no better choice for termite defense.

As a Termidor Certified Professional we can provide you with additional information about Termidor and how it can be used to protect your home.

Termidor's unique advantages:
  • America's #1 termite defense with over 4 million homes treated since 2000. 
  • Kills by ingestion, contact, and the "Transfer Effect," meaning affected insects help spread Termidor throughout the colony before dying themselves. 
  • Manages colonies up to 6 times faster than bait systems. 
  • Most effective termiticide — over 15 years of test data prove most effective and fastest at eliminating termite populations. 
  • Responsible, low-dose treatment,with no odor.Only trained, Termidor Certified Professionals can apply the product.

Call Advanced Pest Control to schedule Termite Service today (256) 739-2687