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Termite Information You Need to Know

Termite Information You Need to Know

There are three very important issues that need to be addressed when you are inquiring about Termite Treatments.

*Service Procedures

Service Procedures:

There are 2 different types of Termite treatments available. Let's look at both.

Baiting Systems and Liquid Treatments:

Baiting systems have their priority in our industry, for example a house that is too close to a well, lake, cistern or pond cannot be treated with a liquid. In this instance baiting systems are your only alternative. Advanced Pest Control of Alabama does not offer any type of Termite Baiting systems.

Here's why:
When baiting systems are installed there is a hole bored in the ground usually up to 10 feet apart, then a plastic cylinder is inserted into the hole. Next a piece of wood is inserted into the station. NOT TERMITE BAIT. Now it becomes a waiting game, to see if the Termites will start hitting the station. Once the Termites are found by the Technician, then and only then, is the Termite Bait applied. Then comes the waiting game again, it can take NINE MONTHS OR MORE to achieve colony elimination.

The main question that has not been answered is "why will Termites hit the block of wood in the station instead of a block of wood on your house". THEY WON"T!!!

Termites will eventually find the bait stations, hopefully before they find your house.

The second Question is, "On a crawl space construction why in the world would you not put some bait stations underneath the home?" "I have still not figured that one out".

Well enough on baiting stations, let’s get to the liquid treatments.

Liquid Treatments are, by far the most logical solution for Termite Control. Nothing beats A good liquid treatment, especially when it comes to using TERMIDOR. There is no other product in history that has ever achieved 100% control SAFELY in three months or less.

Not only is TERMIDOR going to kill Termites on contact. Foraging Termites that come in contact with the treatment zones spread the Termidor throughout the entire colony; this is called the "TRANSFER EFFECT". Please check out the TERMIDOR information listed on our website or visit for detailed information on TERMIDOR and how it works.

I'm positive that if you will do your homework on TERMIDOR you will see why TERMIDOR is the NUMBER ONE TERMITICIDE in and out of the US.


There are two main contracts that are offered by most Pest Control Companies. Now when I say contract, this is what most people call a Termite Bond. (Same Thing)

The first contract is usually called a Re-treat Contract. Which simply means that if the servicing company finds Termite activity they will re-treat those areas free of charge, as long as your annual renewal has been paid. But does not cover any damage that could occur from Termites.

The second contract is usually called a Repair Contract which will cover re-treatment of any areas that activity is present, but it also covers damage to the home. ***"Note" most Pest Control Companies have a limit on the dollar amount that they will pay towards any damage that could occur.

*** "NOTE" Homeowners insurance will not cover any damage done to the home by Termites.


Renewal rates are usually based on the size of your home and what type of contract you have.

Re-treatment contracts will normally be less annually than repair contracts. ***"NOTE" there is no difference in the treatment or the annual inspection, the price difference that you will find is usually due to the amount of coverage the company is insuring your home for.

I hope that this information will head you in the right direction. Again I'm 100% positive that you will choose the TERMIDOR TREATMENT, now it is just a matter of who you will hire to complete the job. Also, keep in mind when you are shopping around, ask the Pest Control Company for a breakdown of chemical verses labor, and always ask" HOW MANY GALLONS will it take to treat your home?" This one question sometimes will be the deciding factor on who you will hire to perform your Termite Service. You will quickly find out which companies are on the same level of service.

***" NOTE" TERMIDOR has set prices so that larger companies cannot buy TERMIDOR cheaper than the little man. Thus you should not see drastic differences in price quotes. I will disclose one more valuable piece of information. TERMIDOR cost Advanced Pest Control of Alabama about $1.65 per finished foot and it is not unusual for an average size home to take up to as much as 100-200 gallons or more to complete the treatment.

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