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Pest Control Service

Interior & exterior coverage for homes up to 3,000 SQ. FT.
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$85.00 One time

Pest Control Service

Interior & exterior coverage for homes up to 3,000 SQ. FT.
One year pest-free guarantee!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have children and pets. Are your treatments safe?
Answer: Yes, All products are EPA approved and labeled for use on residential homes.

Question: Do I have to remove all of my dishes and food from my cabinets for the German Roach Program?
Answer: NO, Years ago you would have to remove everything from the cabinets but not now.

Question: Will I have to leave the house when you service?
Answer: Only if liquid treatments are applied inside.

Question: Why do I have to leave when you apply liquids inside?
Answer: There will be areas of the floors that will be wet and will need to dry before you re-enter the home.

Question: Will there be any foul odors?
Answer: NO.

Question: What does General Pest Control Cover?
Answer: Ants, Roaches, Silverfish, Crickets, Palmettos, Mice, Rats, Scorpions and non-poisonous spiders.

Question: Are Fleas and Ticks covered by general pest control?
Answer: NO, But we do offer these services for an additional fee.

Question: Are Fire ants covered under general pest control?
Answer: Fire ants are covered inside the home and a 25 foot perimeter around the exterior of the home.

Question: Will there be any charges for a persistent pest problem that would require extra service.
Answer: NO, Provided that the pest problem is covered under your service agreement.

Question: Do I have to pay my entire service contract in advance?
Answer: Monthly and Quarterly services can be paid monthly or quarterly. However Flea jobs, German Roach programs and 1X jobs have to be paid in full on the initial service, unless arrangements are made thru the office prior to the initial service.

Question: Can I write a personal Check?
Answer: Yes, We accept Cash, Checks and Credit Cards provided that you have a valid picture ID or drivers license.

Question: Is there a charge for paying with Credit Cards?
Answer: YES, Unfortunately we are charged 2.5% for processing fees on Visa and MasterCard and 3.3% on American Express. We are Truly sorry but these percentages will be added to your total.

Question: Do I have to sign a contract for services?
Answer: YES, for Monthly and Quarterly services. However we do have a monthly service that covers up 3,000 square feet for $75.00 for the initial and $35.00 per month and you may cancel at anytime. "NOTICE" You cannot skip Months and then pick back up at $35.00.

Question: What will happen if I am under contract and I have to move?
Answer: We will transfer your current service to your new home at no additional Cost, provided that you are in our service area.

Question: What areas do you service?
Answer: Advanced Pest Control currently services all of North Alabama. Our service area will stop at Shelby County going south.

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